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Capital city of the Salto Department, Salto is one of the populous cities in Uruguay. Ardent lovers of football, Salto has quite a few unique attractions that set the base for drawing tourists throughout the year. The thermal pools and Calle Uruguay Downtown are the main areas flooded with tourists. Get hold of the cheapest deals from cheap flights to Salto all the way from UK. The touristic friendly strip in Salto is the Calle Uruguay. Lines of shops, banks and money exchangers, it is where one can spot on the best restaurants. Stretched along the Calle Uruguay, the menus are diverse yet worth an experience for many are alfresco dining options. Must for every visitor, alfresco lunches and dinners are among the favourites of the locals. Salto Grande Hydroelectric Dam is another famous tourist hotspot. Built in collaboration with the governments of Argentina and Uruguay, the giant dam is a visit worthwhile. Salto enjoys the throngs of travellers coming for the Dayman. With close proximity to the city, there are buses at intermittent times to the host springs at Dayman and the water park at Acuamania. Don't forget to get pampered at the thermal spas for at varying temperatures. Recharge and refresh at the comfort of hot springs and thermals spas only in Salto. There are several restaurants and accommodation options around the area too. Call us now to get the latest promotions and seasonal offers. Fly with cheap flights to Salto Uruguay for a trouble free, cheap vacation with your families.

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