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Located on slopes of Pichincha stratovolcano, Quito is the highest capital city of Ecuador. Cheap flights to Quito all year around at the cheapest rates are amazing deals for a trip to this interesting city. Majority of its attractions and tourist hotspots are based at the Old City at the heart of Quito. Large crowds of tourists visit Guayaquil to enjoy innumerable excursions to the Galapagos Islands. Pristine nature and stunning natural beauty, the islands boast a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora. Wildlife lovers can take many jaunts to the Cerro Blanco Forest Reserve and the Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve to witness a great diversity of wildlife, colourful birdlife and sea creatures. The first city to be named as UNESCO World Heritage Site, colonial architectures is profusely scattered. The Old City is brimmed with myriad religious places including churches, monasteries and convents. Rich with heritage, this part of Quito is also filled with fascinating museums, restaurants and cafes for quick bites and refreshments. Join with cheap flights to Quito for series of sightseeing tours for the fraction of the cost. Take the heart-racing journey in a funicular ride above 12,000 ft from the Pichincha Volcano. Travellers daring a more enthralling adventure can hike up to the Guagua Pichincha active volcano. Enjoy a mind-blowing adventure and breathtaking sights with cheap flights to Quito in the world's second largest cable car. Catch a taxi to visit the monument to the middle of the world and the several museums of zero latitude. Who would want to miss a trip to the middle of the world – click for the cheapest and fastest way to make it to Quito with cheap flights to Quito Capital city Quito is much more the sights and sounds of historic churches and myriad museums. With a simple click to cheap flights to Quito, you'll be exploring the city as you like it for the cheapest rates and bookings.

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Inti Raymi, Quito Fest