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Rio de Janeiro is indeed a marvellous city in Brazil. One of the biggest cities, Rio has a little bit of everything in abundance to offer for the intrepid travellers. Christ the Redeemer the iconic landmark of Rio and the gorgeous sandy beaches along with the magnificent colourful Carnaval celebration, the city is nothing but mesmerizing.

Copacabana and Ipanema are world-class beaches packed with tourists, locals and vendors selling everything from sea, sun and sand including seafood snacks, shades, bikinis, tanning lotions and more. Make it with cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro for the perfect beach getaway. Breathtaking sights are Rio's greatest pillars of attraction. Take a cable car ride to the Corcovado to enjoy mind-blowing views of the Christ the Redeemer and panoramic views of Rio. Sugar Loaf Mountains is another must see landmark in Brazil, which is definitely worth the view. Carnaval is the top reason to visit Rio. The colourful celebrations are one of a kind. Colourful costumes, loud music and striking dances of a variety of samba schools on giant Sambadrome is simply out of the world. Be there to celebrate with the rest and follow the parades on the samba blocks with cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro. It is in everyone's dream to visit this city of awesomeness promising buckets of fun and heaps of sights. We offer the cheapest deals all the way from UK to Rio for absolutely cheap rates! Do your bookings with cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the best of everything with a simple click.

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