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Sitting on the bank of Rio Guaiba, the city is well known for the myriad attractions, museums, palaces, and the diverse nightlife. The cheapest way to travel all the way from UK to Porto Alegre is by booking with cheap flights to Porto Alegre. The cheapest deals and cheapest airfares from us allow you to explore the fantastic Brazilian city destination. The Brique da Redencao is an excellent place to buy souvenir items for gift giving. The Central Market is worth the stroll for a local experience. Praca da Matriz otherwise referred as the Mother Church Square dominates the heart of Porto Alegre Downtown. Surrounding the square are many other noteworthy historic buildings and beguiling attractions. Some of the popular ones among travellers include House of Justice, Metropolitan Cathedral, Stone Bridge, Azorians Monument, Solar Palmeiro and Saint Peter Theatre. Spend hours and hours at several art museums. The Funacao lbre Camargo is one of the finest art museums built by the famous architect Alvaro Siza. Museu de Ciencias e Tecnologia da PUC and the Praca da Alfandega are two other tourist attractions in the city. Pirantini Palace, Public Market and Mario Quintana Culture House are notable landmarks in the city. These interesting places are famous for not only its rich history but also the admirable architectural styles. Sign up with cheap flights to Porto Alegre to visit spectacular work of art and rich pieces of history. Join us for the cheapest air tickets to anywhere in the world.

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