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A Dutch colonized city and one of the oldest, Goiana is one of the tourist friendly cities in Brazil. Fly with cheap flights to Goiana for fantastic deal sand rates. Take you families for splendid vacations that are half the price and double value with cheap flights to Goiana. The city boasts a plethora of historical buildings. The beaches in the city are heavenly for perfect getaways and the amazing culture of Goiana completes the perfect package to an exciting city destination. Speaking of the pristine beaches, Ponta de Pedras, Carne de Vaca, Catuama and Barra de Catauma are excellent beaches to relax and rejoice. The sun-drenched beaches in this Brazilian city are perfect solutions to sunbathing. Pack your lotions and shades and hit a ride with cheap flights to Goiana Brazil. The coastal city offers delicious seafood. Don't forget to dine in at the Buraco da Gia restaurant to enjoy crabs serving drinks. The beaches are also perfect spots for catamaran rides and scuba diving adventures. Historic buildings mainly consist of places of worship. Saint Lawrence Church, Saint Anthony Church, Our Lady of Blackmen Rosary Church and Our Lady of Whitemen Rosary Church are popular tourist visits. Take a trip to Goiana with cheap flights to Goiana Brazil for the cheapest tickets and airfares in the market. Visit these awe-inspiring centuries old churches. Cheap flights to Goiana are cheap and affordable. Why pay more when cheap flights to Goiana offers the same for the cheapest rates! Do your bookings with cheap flights to Goiana and be there to witness the history, culture and serene beaches.

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Flying Time
11 hours 36 minutes
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UTC/GMT -3 hours
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The Feast of the Divine , Our Lady of Aparecida Feast ,