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The modern city of Florianopolis is the capital of Santa Catarina. Boasting some of the gorgeous beaches in Brazil, the city is enticing to explore. Beach vacations, city breaks or shopping spree or party destinations, Florianopolis meets and suits everything. Just do your bookings with cheap flights to Florianopolis to see what's in store for you for the cheapest booking rates. The upscale restaurant scene in the city offers a diverse menu of international dishes and authentic brazilin cuisine. Adding a bit of glitz and glamour, the bars and nightclubs are out of the world. Make it to Florianopolis to experience a thriving nightlife like never before, book with cheap flights to Florianopolis to eat out to your heart's content. Do your bookings fast for the cheapest rates and be there to celebrate an awesome holiday! The locals are friendly and hospitable giving you the comfort of your own home. Scenic beaches and natural attractions in Florianopolis give you holiday vibes that are simply irresistible. Soak up the sun, work on your tan and take a plunge in the cool blue waters amid the range of adventures lined up for you. The picture perfect city is also a paradise for adventure travellers. Paragliding, windsurfing, sand boarding, surfing, scuba diving and trekking are extremely popular activities among tourists and locals.

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Flying Time
12 hours 53 minutes
Time Zone
UTC/GMT -3 hours
Brazilian Real
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Fenaostra - The Annual Oyster Festival in Florian?polis