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Offering incredible sights, surrounded by steep hills, the capital city of Bolivia nestles on scenic atmosphere. Due to the varying elevations and mountain ranges, there are numerous vantage points with picturesque views. Travel for cheap airfares and tickets with cheap flights to La Paz. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the city for the most affordable deals from cheap flights to La Paz Bolivia. Mirador Killi Killi and Parque Laikacota are famous viewing places in the city to get panoramic views of the entire city of La Paz. Ample photography options, La Paz is an interesting city to explore, sightseeing and experience. Museums are plenty in the city to spend hours or to kill time. Art museums are prominent amongst the many others highlighting the Bolivian art, contemporary paintings, sculptures and more. National Museum of Art and Museum of Contemporary Art are two interesting places among art lovers. Seeking for unique experiences, hit the Witches' Market. Uncanny and wired are two words that would describe the market for it sells aphrodisiac formulas, llama foetuses and dried frogs for rituals and an excellent stop to purchase Bolivian musical instruments. Sagarnaga Street is the main tourist strip in the city bombarded with cheap hotels, retail stores, souvenir shops, and cafes. A popular hangout among backpackers, the street is worth a stroll for a lively market experience in La Paz. Get on board for the cheapest flights and tickets from us for amazing adventures and vacations. Our travel savvy experts will go great lengths to make it a memorable trip with free tips and advices. Call us now or simply book online to get the cheapest airfares with cheap flights to La Paz.

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Flying Time
12 hours 55 minutes
Time Zone
UTC/GMT -4 hours
Bolivian Boliviano
Avg flying kms
Festival of the Virgen de la Candelaria