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Sitting on the Tulum Valley, the capital city of San Juan province in Argentina, boasts large vineries, excellent museums, mind-blowing spas and a modern high rising skyline. Although not a popular tourist city, there are ample things to do and charming surprises for first timer visitors. Visit this wine destination with cheap flights to San Juan Argentina. Filled with boulevards and tree lined avenues, the city enjoys the urban sprawl. There are quite a number of interesting sights clustered around San Juan.

Pay less and travel more for the cheapest rates from cheap flights to San Juan Argentina. Natural Science Museum is famous among tourists for the popular dinosaur fossil collection. Art lovers would love to sneak peak to the Franklin Rawson Museum of Fine Arts. Housing a variety of masterpiece collections, it features patrimony paintings and sculptures. For those searching for more museums and stories, the Gnecco Museum and Mariano Gambier Archaeology museums are great places to spend few hours. San Juan has grabbed the attention of palaeontologists from all over the world after the discovery of dinosaur fossils.

They were found at the Ischigualasto National Park is a famous getaway among travellers. The park also features a series of natural rock formations. San Juan enjoys the thriving tourism due its vast wine production and wine tasting tours. Besides the prominent vineyards, the amazing discoveries of dinosaur fossils and the fascinating museums of all kinds make San Juan an enchanting city to visit. Do your bookings right away for outstanding deals from cheap flights to San Juan Argentina for a memorable trip to San Juan.

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