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From Class Airline Fare
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 522
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 523
Belfast City ECONOMY fr £ 534
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 432
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 565
London ECONOMY fr £ 469
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 469
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 544
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 488
London City ECONOMY fr £ 528
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 547
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 2135
From Class Airline Fare
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 577
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 543
London City ECONOMY fr £ 529
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 489
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 576
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 605
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 592
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 576
Belfast City ECONOMY fr £ 645
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 647
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 2301
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 2260
From Class Airline Fare
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 732
Belfast City ECONOMY fr £ 747
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 662
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 601
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 765
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 766
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 694
London City ECONOMY fr £ 841
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 886
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 833
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 2138
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 2441
From Class Airline Fare
London City ECONOMY fr £ 587
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 703
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 688
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 692
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 799
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 535
Belfast City ECONOMY fr £ 662
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 569
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 864
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 635
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 1517
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 1500
Travel Tips to Lima
Flying Time
13 hours 8 minutes
Time Zone
UTC/GMT -5 hours
Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Avg flying kms -
Semana Santa
, Festival of the Virgen de la Candelaria ,
Fiesta de la Cruz

Cheap Flights to Lima

A melting pot of cultures, the capital city of Peru is among the largest financial hubs in Latin America. Museums in abundance, cultural venues for entertainment, Lima is nothing but a city of radiance and vibrancy. Enjoy the liveliness for the best deals at hand for the cheapest rates from cheap flights to Lima Peru. Pay a visit to the wonderful city of Lima to savour a vast gastronomy influenced by the eons of time in colonization and indigenous cultures. Lima is the perfect destination for foodies to try out the Peruvian cuisine. Cheap flights to Lima lets you enjoy the flaws and charms for the cheapest rates available. Cultural buffs have the privilege to witness the indigenous crowds, lifestyle and fashion. The friendly locals are excellent guides to let in on some of the unknown facts of Cusco. The San Pedro Market an excellent place to ideal in addition to the Plaza de Armas is an absolute square packed with shops, restaurants and bars. There are many museums to spend time or kill time admiring the rich past. Galleries dot the city with exceptional local talent that's worth a glimpse. Historic Center of the city attracts throngs of visitors for its rich history, eons of colonization and indigenous culture influences, last but not least the remarkable architecture. Influenced by a series of architectural styles, the city invites travellers for ample sightseeing tours. Steal glorious views for a variety from the Cathedral of Lima, Museum of the Nation, government buildings and the modern glass high rises. Visit the lively capital city for extraordinary deals opening up opportunities for holidays with savings! Save pounds, save ample with cheap flights to Lima, and have a fabulous holiday with your loved ones.



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