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From Class Airline Fare
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 517
London ECONOMY fr £ 500
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 548
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 487
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 679
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 500
London City ECONOMY fr £ 542
London ECONOMY fr £ 567
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 1954
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 1966
From Class Airline Fare
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 645
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 613
London City ECONOMY fr £ 582
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 567
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 682
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 557
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 645
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 715
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 730
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 683
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 1958
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 1953
From Class Airline Fare
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 680
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 619
Belfast City ECONOMY fr £ 694
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 747
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 647
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 618
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 684
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 606
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 656
London ECONOMY fr £ 618
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 1965
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 1957
From Class Airline Fare
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 843
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 808
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 965
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 809
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 810
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 763
London City ECONOMY fr £ 917
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 826
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 824
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 826
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 1444
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 1389
Travel Tips to Fortaleza
Flying Time
9 hours 21 minutes
Time Zone
UTC/GMT -3 hours
Brazilian Real
Avg flying kms -
Jazz and Blues Festival
, Vida e Arte (Music and Art) festival ,
Festa Juninas

Cheap Flights to Fortaleza

The well-preserved, unspoilt beaches in the city make it one of the popular beach destinations in Brazil. Being the capital city of the smallest state Ceara, the size belies the amazing attractions the city has to offer. The Three Powers Sqaure, Brasilia Cathedral, Palacio da Alvorada, Itamaraty Palace and Dom Bosco Church are remarkable sites scattered in the city. Pay a visit to theses interesting places to uncover the history behind whilst admiring the beguiling constructions. The city has put its best efforts to restore the colonial architecture for ardent lovers of history and architecture. The Estoril is a one of a kind architectural style that grabs the attention of many travellers.
While strolling through the streets and corners, you'll stumble upon a number of street performers. Praca Jose de Alencar is the best place to witness amazing street performers worth a stop for their amazing acts and performances. Boasting the sugary sand beaches, the wind and the waters are awesome duo for kite surfing, wind surfing and surfing. Catamaran rides are becoming a quite a favourite among the tourists for great views too. Besides the pristine beaches and the miles long coastlines, travellers has the privilege to enjoy a great night life, high end shopping and short trips to neighbouring cities, beaches and more. Cheap flights to Fortaleza promises nothing but memories that'll last forever. Share your travel plans for awesome deals from cheap flights to Fortaleza to explore the hidden attractions.



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