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From Class Airline Fare
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 663
London ECONOMY fr £ 535
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 581
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 593
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 611
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 521
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 672
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 538
London City ECONOMY fr £ 547
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 640
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 2215
From Class Airline Fare
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 686
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 790
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 562
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 674
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 621
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 798
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 777
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 792
Belfast City ECONOMY fr £ 971
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 793
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 2209
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 2098
From Class Airline Fare
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 818
Belfast City ECONOMY fr £ 972
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 748
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 673
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 871
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 694
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 785
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 711
London City ECONOMY fr £ 961
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 783
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 1833
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 2221
From Class Airline Fare
Aberdeen ECONOMY fr £ 1017
Birmingham ECONOMY fr £ 855
Edinburgh ECONOMY fr £ 855
Dublin ECONOMY fr £ 841
Glasgow ECONOMY fr £ 910
Gatwick ECONOMY fr £ 970
Heathrow ECONOMY fr £ 658
London City ECONOMY fr £ 948
New Castle ECONOMY fr £ 1063
Manchester ECONOMY fr £ 822
Heathrow BUSINESS fr £ 1660
Manchester BUSINESS fr £ 1860
Travel Tips to Cartagena
Flying Time
11 hours 26 minutes
Time Zone
UTC/GMT -5 hours
Columbian peso
Avg flying kms -
, Nuestra Seņora de la Candelaria ,
International Film and TV Festival

Cheap Flights to Cartagena

Stretching along the coast of Colombia, Cartagena is among the popular travel destinations in Latin America. This enchanting city of Colombia brims with sugary sand beaches facing the Caribbean Sea. The colonial walled city dominates and enjoys throngs of visitors all year around. Take a chance with cheap flights to Cartagena for cheap tickets and cheap fares. Join with us for unforgettable holidays with your families and loved ones for the cheapest rates. A paradise for architecture buffs and history lovers, Cartagena is full of rich history and home to diverse styles. The Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas is a must see attraction in the city. Magnificent and gigantic in size, it is a Spanish fortress built during the colonized era. Chariots are one of the popular means of getting around the historic center.
Flamboyant restaurants presenting a vast culinary culture are tempting and mouth-watering. The alfresco cafe experiences are a must have while in the city. Strips of hotels and condominiums along the beachfront offers both budget and splurge. Get the cheapest airfares for affordable rates and deals only from us! Cartagena gets flooded with tourists and Colombians during the festive seasons. Cheap flights to Cartagena for the cheapest rates in all seasons is an obvious deal for your wallets! Make it here during the celebrations to merrymaker with the locals. It is also an excellent place to witness the colourful culture and interesting history of Cartagena. Join now with us for absolutely cheaper deals and airfares with cheap flights to Cartagena.



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